jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010

Sólo te llevará 2 segundos... ¡Un mundo mejor es posible!

¿Sabías que simplemente con tratar a la madre durante el embarazo puede nacer un bebé SANO? Entre todos podemos evitar que para el 2015 nazcan niños con VIH, pon tu granito... ellos sí están totalmente desprotegidos...

Dear 1GOAL supporter, Sign the petition
You signed the 1GOAL petition about education for all children earlier this year to help make a real difference in the fight against extreme poverty.
As we mark World AIDS Day, we’ve something amazing to share – good news about real, tangible, life-saving progress. Today, 6,500 fewer children will die of diseases like AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria or pneumonia than just 5 years ago.
Today, I'm asking that you join 1GOAL's partner ONE in calling for action to save over 1,000 babies born every day with HIV. It’s a devastating number, made even more shocking because there deaths can easily be prevented through a simple treatment given to women during pregnancy.
Please click this link to automatically sign the petition below to help ensure that vital medicines are delivered so that no child is born with HIV by 2015:
Petition text
Dear World Leaders,
By 2015 we can make sure no child is born with HIV. It all starts with an agreement at the United Nations to combat extreme poverty, with every country doing their bit. Please do yours. Thank You.

Together as ONE, we can change the world. I hope you'll sign the petition and join us. We’re not asking for your money, we're asking for your voice.
Weldon Kennedy, ONE.org

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juancar72 dijo...

Hay que ver con que poco se puede hacer mucho. Esperemos que todos podamos concienciarnos y llevarlo a cabo